iPhone 5


The next version of the iPhone will replace its long-standing 3.5-inch screen with one that measures at least 4 inches. Also in the iPhone rumor pot today is word that China Mobile is in talks with Apple to finally carry the iPhone. China Mobile is the world’s largest carrier by customers, but the iPhone hasn’t landed on that network. It has, however, signed with China Telecom and China Unicom to offer the iPhone.


Google Project Glass Pt. 2

Check out this video to see all that project glass can do!
Sebastian Thrun, Founder and head of Google X on his online University project called Udacity

Google Project Glass


Olsson included the photo (above) of a model wearing prescription Google Project Glass glasses.

As shown off in Google’s earlier video, the glasses will be voice controlled, and should let a wearer retrieve information from the Web and “layer” it on top of their view of the physical world around them, including real-time navigation directions that pop up in front of the user’s eyes.

Google wants the new device to give users the ability to record videos and snap photos of whatever they are looking at, listen to music, and participate in video conferencing as well.

Wired Business Conference : Disruptive by Design


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